Our monorail system have the following advantages:

  1. Our system is completely modular and it is designed for the prefabrication of all major components.
  2. Pillars are complete with fastening systems and seismic dampers
  3. Coupling system beams compensated and expansion joints are prefabricated modules
  4. Assembled stations allow expansions even after installation
  5. The cars can be composed and decomposed very quickly to form convoys of any desired size.
  6. The system is designed so that it may be altered, expand, or disassemble wholly or partly and relocate to a different path.
  7. Cars are modular and communicate among each other, connection and disconnection is fully automatic and it can takes place in less than 1 minute, including the time for automatic system Diagnostics. The number of cars that can be connected each other only depends on the size of the stations and from the preliminary calculation of the beam.
  8. All cars are motorized and completely autonomous and they can operate in single or coupled in multiple. Performance are unaffected from the suspension geometry and traction control system guarantees the timing of all the traction motors. It follows a smooth ride and adjust to all operating conditions and at any conditions of composition of
  9. The car is designed to overcome a minimum radius curves of less than 20 metres and can overcome slopes of more than 20%.
  10. In addition to the normal braking system electric and hydraulic systems, has two “skids” emergency mechanical fit automatically in an emergency.
  11. The guide can be manual, using a contol panel which is positioned laterally on the front of the cars or fully automatic system “DL” “drive less”
    using remote control room.
  12. The special design of the trolley, the structure of the case strong yet lightweight and patented an innovative system of traction control (with energy recovery during braking) allow a considerable saving in consumption. (The system save from 26  up to 42% compared to other systems under similar conditions.)
  13. On request you can obscure all Windows of cars in the vicinity of dwellings or areas.
  14. Because of the reduced friction and sound proof, our cars are very quiet with a noise levels of less than the 57 dBA.
  15. The Interior of the cars is quiet and elegant, the flooring is optimized to facilitate and speed up all daily cleaning operations. The cars include an automatic sterilization of the Interior that fits during nighttime when cars are not in use and provides complete pest control from cold-blooded “mites, fleas, bedbugs, cockroaches, mosquitos etc..”
  16. All materials are fireproof and coatings are certified “REI 120”
  17. Trolley special features allow you to design systems with speeds up to 160 km/h, for links on medium distances, with the ability to compose trains with a large number of cars and subdivide into smaller units which can enter and be distributed in urban areas by bending and then rejoin and quit the ring reversely.Energy consumption is comparable to a rail system on long routes and it is lower than bus in low speed urban routes. In  this time no other system can do the same.All this can be done with lower production costs and times  compared to the competitionFinally, our company has set up a studio of Interior design can adapt the aesthetic of infrastructure and vehicles to the territory, without significantly change the characteristics of the system “stiffness, aerodynamics, structural strength etc ..

    For maximum safety all beams along the path are continuously verified by a system that measures the alignment and Flex both empty that during the passage of vehicles.

    It is under study a system for automatic vehicle washing and the shelter at night.